Mi SumMit'19 will be conducted in 3 phases

Phase 1


Each team can pick any 1 case from the 2 case studies. The cases will be published on the website.

The teams are expected to carefully read the case studies and provide solutions to the questions provided at the end of each case study.

Teams have to submit a solution in the form of a Power-Point Presentation (converted to PDF format) with not more than 4 slides (including the cover slide ) or a 2 Page Word Document.

Phase 2

Campus Round

Jury comprising members from Leadership team of Xiaomi shall visit each of the 10 campuses for this phase.

Top 5 teams will be selected from each of the 10 campuses to present their detailed solutions to the jury.

Each team will be given 10 mins (7 mins presentation + 3 mins Q&A) to present their solution.

Winners will be announced at the campus itself and the winners will move to Phase 3

Phase 3

Grand Finale

Teams will be provided further information and data to help them refine their solution and further develop it to present it for the Grand Finale.

The Grand Finale will be conducted at Xiaomi India HQ in Bangalore.

The 10 finalist teams will present their solutions to the revered jury consisting top leaders of Xiaomi India.

Travel and Stay for each of the finalists will be provided by Xiaomi India.

Wildcard Internship opportunity may be provided to any participant at any moment in time during the competition.

Campus Round Winners

22nd August

IIM Indore

Campus Winner: Midas touch

23rd August

IIM Lucknow

Campus Winner: Mighty Millennials

31st August



Campus Winner: Alpha Warriors

31st August



Campus Winner: Jarvis 2.0

4th September



Campus Winner: The Usual Suspects

4th September

IIM Kozhikode

Campus Winner: Enigma

5th September


Campus Winner: Buzz Makers

5th September

IIM Shillong

Campus Winners: Invictus

9th September


Campus Winner: Palindrome

10th September

IIM Ranchi

Campus Winner: Goal Diggers

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